Lenovo’s massive Tango phone is now scheduled to arrive next month

It’s 6.4 inches, it’s got a crazy new depth-sensing camera system and it may actually arrive next month. Lenovo’s big Phab2 Pro was originally scheduled for retail release this summer, a date that eventually got pushed back to a fairly vague fall timeframe, casting some doubt on whether the first handset to leverage Google’s Tango system would ever see the light of day.

Now, a day after the announcement of several key pieces of Google hardware, the mythical phablet has gotten a slightly more definite timeframe. Google VR head Clay Bavor has confirmed that early adopters will finally be able to get their hands on the Lenovo device come November.

At last mention, the handset was set to be priced at $499 unlocked here in the US, which seems like a fairly reasonable ask for a massive phone that’s the first to properly leverage Google’s long awaited computer vision system — a system that could have some interesting implications for mobile augmented reality.

We got a look at the phone when it was announced earlier this summer. That pre-production unit boasted some promising new features, but this release will surely provide a key test of the platform’s future.