Gate crams a slew of security features into a small smart lock

There are, of course, lots of smart locks in the world. August, Ring, Kwikset. The list, as you’re likely well aware, goes on and on.

Designed by a pair of former Google Glass engineers, the forthcoming Gate aims to set itself apart from the ever-growing ranks of connected security devices by cramming as much functionality into the face as humanly possible.

The little circular security device has a motion-activated 720p camera, an LED-lit keypad and two-way audio (mic and speakers) built into what looks to be a fairly slender form factor. Oh, and there’s also a whatchamacallit — keyhole — should all the other methods fail and you just opt to open the door the old-fashioned way.

The lock’s connected app can be used to stream live video as guests arrive at the door, create custom access codes for visitors (using the key pad) and remotely lock and unlock the door.

The two-year-old hardware startup also says that it’s working with delivery companies to offer a service that will feature the photo and name of a delivery person, so users can cross check when someone shows up at the door with a box. There’s also planned Amazon Echo integration in the works.

The Gate is currently up for pre-order via crowdfunding, so take that with all of the necessary grains of salt. The company is aiming for a March delivery date on the product.