Check out this epic, expertly executed $77k Indiegogo backer troll

It doesn’t get much more meta than this. Raising $77k on Indiegogo, the filmmakers behind It’s All Good absconded with the money, spending it all on cocaine, prosti… oh, wait. No, it was limousines and champagne. The backers were rightfully outraged, but there’s a twist. It turns out that the real movie the scallywags¬†were making was about a team of filmmakers “wasting” the crowdfunded cash.

“It is a movie about not making a movie,” the filmmakers say, tongue firmly in cheek,

It’s hard to say where the filmmakers stand ethically here — they did without a doubt mislead the Indiegogo backers, but in this case, the work of art falls in the intersection between fraud, filmmaking, crowdfunding and a commentary on all of the above.

The original Indiegogo pitch film was pretty zany, so I’m a little bit surprised the campaign reached its goal in the first place, but I’ve got to say… I’m regretting I didn’t back the original campaign — in a way, the whole process is an extended performance arts piece… For the full experience, watching the team “squander” the money before the final reveal that this was part of the plan all along would have been fantastic.

The campaign just posted the trailer for the movie and it looks eminently watchable. It’s out later in October, more details are on FND films’¬†website.

Let’s all cross our fingers that we don’t get a raft of copycats. This is the sort of thing that is funny exactly once.