Best Buy is opening a bunch of stores at midnight for the PlayStation VR launch

It probably won’t be the last time most PlayStation VR purchasers ever pull themselves away from their console long enough to leave the house, but just in case, Best Buy is turning the headset’s launch into a social event of sorts.

The big box retailer announced this morning that it will be opening extra early on October 13 to offer up the gaming peripheral as early as humanly possible. The store will open 350 of its US locations at 12:01AM ET that night – that’s 10:01PM and 9:01PM on the 12th, out on the West Coast.

Interested parties will find the list of all the locations here, and for those unable to attend, due to geographic restrictions or sleep schedules, the retailer will be holding headsets for sale in all of its US locations the following day, albeit in limited quantity. Best Buy has been offering up demos of the technology in a number of stores since June, along with other offerings like the Oculus Rift.

For our part, we had a chance to spend some time with the headset and discuss its implications with Sony, right around the same time at E3 in Los Angeles.

Update: Best Buy contacted us to drive home the point that availability will vary from store to store, so maybe check in with your local retailer before making the trip.