Where Pokémon Go is going, and Tesla’s trajectory: Listen to TCBC Episode 4 with Greg Kumparak

On this week’s episode of TCBC, after a brief Disrupt-induced hiatus, longtime TechCruncher Greg Kumparak dishes on Pokémon Go – what made it so appealing at launch, what’s going on with product development, and where he’d like to see it go in the future.

Greg and I are both big Pokémon fans, so it’s a subject about which we have no shortage of things to say. Luckily, I also managed to get my hands on a Pokémon Go Plus, despite stock shortages in most retail locations, and that’s great because it’s always nice to make Greg jealous once in a while.

Greg also recently got to speak to John Hanke himself, the CEO of Niantic, which created Pokémon Go in partnership with Nintendo. Greg’s Hanke interview helps us work through potential Pokémon Go product roadmap scenarios, and also think about the developer’s intentions with game design vs. how players are actually using it.

Finally, we talk a bit about Tesla, its Autopilot system, the latest updates and how its approach to innovating in self-driving systems is going.

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