You can now stream Android games to Facebook Live from your PC

Game streaming is something that everyone working in streamed video wants a part of, and now Facebook Live can stream Android games (and other apps) via the BlueStacks desktop emulator for PC and Mac. The integration is pretty smart, and while it was previously available for Twitch, the addition of Facebook Live support means mobile games streamers can potentially reach a different, more varied audience than they might encounter on Amazon’s more gamer-centric streaming network.

You can tweak your layout, too, customizing how viewers see your game stream, with all configurations designed to appear in square aspect ratio in order to work best on mobile. There’s also built-in metrics, including how many are watching, the live chat from FB and Likes.

BlueStacks also says that their integration means you can focus on streaming and not worry about having to awkwardly hold or fumble with your phone. On the flip side, however, using the desktop emulator means you won’t have touch interaction unless you have a touch-enabled Windows PC, and it also means you’re not going to get quite the same play experience you would on an Android phone, which could be a big stumbling block for games that require fast-twitch control input.

Still, this should be a helpful feature for streamers looking to expand their reach with the help of FB’s new tools.

Via Engadget