Those Nike self-lacing shoes will arrive the week after Thanksgiving

The shoes you’ve been waiting for since roughly 1989 finally have a release date. After months of teasing the HyperAdapt 1.0, Nike is finally ready to bring its self-lacing shoes to the mass market. A PR rep for the company took to Twitter to announce that the wearables (we can call them that, right?) will arrive on November 28th.

The shoemaker has been playing around with the idea for some decades now, dating back to the first Back to the Future sequel, even going so far as producing a limited edition for the film’s star, Michael J. Fox, recently. The HyperAdapts finally bring that technology to the rest of us – albeit in limited quantities, at least at first. Those who want to nab a pair before year’s end will have to set up an appointment at a select retail location.

The shoes tighten snuggly around the wearer’s foot with the press of a button. Our own Anthony Ha took them for a brief spin back in March and seemed fairly satisfied with the Zemeckian technology (“loud whirring noise” aside), writing, “They tightened just enough — they were pretty comfortable, so I only fiddled with the settings to see if I could.”

Details around pricing and the aforementioned appointment scheduling are still forthcoming, but this is the future, so things cost a lot of money now.