Kindle for Kids is like regular Kindle, only for kids

As the debate over kids and screen time rages on, Amazon offers up a happy medium of sorts. The online retail giant is selling a bundled version of its Kindle focused specifically on young readers.

The package features the latest version of the company’s base-level e-reader, coupled with some extras, including a free cover – which is apparently family friendly thanks to a brightly colored, durable scratch-resistant design.

The kid-version of the reader also ditches Special Offers, the subsidized software that serves up tailored advertisements by way the Kindle’s screensavers. The Vocabulary Builder software, meanwhile compiles all of the words kids look up in the reader’s dictionary into a handy flashcard-style list, while Word Wise offers up automatic definitions above tough words while reading.

Kindle FreeTime gamifies the reading process, setting goals and awarding kids with badges for hitting various milestones. The application also helps parents filter content from the library and Kindle store, based on the reader’s age. It’s worth noting that most, if not all, of the above features already exist for the reader, including the standard non-tablet benefits like the fact that e-ink is much easier on the eyes than a backlit screen.

Kindle for Kids is available now through Amazon, priced at $100 (down from $125 for the time being), featuring a two-year, kid-proof warranty.