New GoPro accessories include a smartphone card reader and a voice remote

GoPro is revealing many new goodies today, including a few new accessories with run the risk of getting the lost in the noise. They’re actually pretty interesting, though – there’s the Quik Key, a micro-USB card reader that lets you grab pics and video from your GoPro and pop them right onto your phone for sharing and editing; and the REMO, a voice-powered remote control that adds extra range to the built-in voice command features of the new HERO5 camera line, as well as a manual one-button interface.

The Quik Key works with the Quik mobile app, which automatically edits your clips and adds transitions and music, matching the pacing of cuts to the beat of the background tunes. With the Key, you can grab your content easily from the camera’s memory card, and then quickly insert it into your phone to get the clips into the app, where they’re automatically integrated into your video edits. It’s also on a keychain so you don’t lose it, which is good because it’s tiny.

GoPro’s REMO builds on the idea that what you really want to do with your action camera is yell at it, which makes a certain amount of sense because you’re likely going to have your hands full if you’re extreme sportsing (me and Nick Woodman decided this is a real term. Not really but I feel like he’d back it).

Both the Quik Key and the REMO will launch later this year, according to GoPro.

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