MOTI wants to help build positive habits with a little glowing robot

It can take a lot to build a positive habit — whether that’s stretching every morning, drinking enough water or remembering to go on a run. Kayla Matheus and Laura Day hope to make that a little easier with a small robot that sits on your table or desk called MOTI, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

But how would that help? Basically, the duo want to try to encourage owners with small cues like sounds, lights and movement in order to remind them to build one of their habits. MOTI users within an app decide what kinds of habits they want to build, and then with a short personality test the app decides what kind of “personality” the MOTI will have.

It can be a kind of drill sergeant, glowing red and letting off louder noises, or a softer kind light and buzzing. The hope is that these little cues can remind people with some positive reinforcement to build those habits that might not have an immediate outcome, but in the long run are good for them.