DropIn brings drone-based video streaming to insurance biz

DropIn, an LA-based startup wants to change the way the insurance companies process claims with two-way video claims processing and drone-based appraisals.

The company, which launched in 2015, provides on-demand live video streaming services to help insurance companies improve the claims and underwriting process. The solution relies on a drone equipped with a camera or a smartphone camera, depending on the scenario.

A person in a car accident could contact their insurance adjuster, who can interview the drivers and appraise the damage — sometimes right on the spot by viewing the damage through the driver’s smartphone.


The drone comes into play in a couple of cases including doing a fly-over for a property appraisal or sending in a fleet of drones to a disaster area and appraising the likely damage.

The drones are operated by a a group of on-demand drone operators who can drive to a site, operate the drone and transmit the video and pictures to the insurance company. The company currently has a network of 1,100 licensed operators.

DropIn recently earned a spot in the Plug and Play insurance app incubator, which will give it access to a number of top insurers such as Allstate, Nationwide and State Farm.

They’ve raised $1.75 million from friends and family and are in the process of raising a $3 million seed round.