$10 will get you a wire for your wireless AirPods

Life is strange sometimes. Like, sometimes you buy a $160 pair of wireless headphones, and all you want to is find a way to add another wire to the thing.

$10 might be a small price to pay, if it stands between you and losing one of those precious new fully wireless AirPods that Apple announced earlier this week – far and away the largest complaint among internet pundits that didn’t involve their slightly awkward form factor.

Case maker Spigen has rushed to the rescue with a solution of sorts that have managed the fairly impressive feat of being even more polarizing than the headphones themselves. The AirPods Strap is, quite literally, a strap for AirPods (it’s there in the name, really).

It snaps onto the pods and makes them that much harder to lose. It’s “Compact, lightweight, and extremely durable,” according to the company’s press material. It also pretty much accomplishes the same thing as a bit of string or some dental floss – albeit without that nice minty smell.

It’s set for delivery mid-next month.

via Gizmodo