Fidget Cube is a brilliantly useless toy for nervous fiddling

Do you have to keep your hands busy to think straight? Fidget Cube is a little device that lets you click, flip, roll, and slide its different buttons so you can stay calm.

fidget-cube-featuresYou can nab one for $19 on Kickstarter, and it’s supposed to ship in December, though every crowdfunded project seems to get delayed.

Your startup’s next pivot? Should you quit your job? Is this the house you want to buy? Sometimes solving tough puzzles in your life requires a focus that can only come from neutralizing the outside world.

For some, that requires meditation and the ensuing sense of zen. For others, it’s background music. But I think best while stroking my beard or twiddling a trinket. Fidget Cube could fill the void no matter what sensation I’m seeking.

Fidget Cube will need some impressively sturdy industrial design to not break under the bashing it’s sure to get. But if it holds up, it could become an indispensable desk companion.