Super Mario Maker is coming to Nintendo 3DS on December 2

Nintendo’s more portable version of its Super Mario Maker game-building game (that’s not a typo) will be available on December 2, the company announced today. The scaled down game offers much of what you get in the Nintendo Wii version, the company shared today, and will be able to play many (but not all) of the games created on the Wii U version.

The new game is focused on being able to play courses wherever you are, and there are 100 courses built-in to the game to start created by Nintendo themselves. You can also get Wii U-created courses online, as mentioned, though you can’t search for specific courses by ID number like you can on the home console. There’s also direct sharing, so friends can shoot you their creations.

In terms of creation, you get all the same level building tools you do on the Wii U, with the exception of the Mystery Mushroom, the item that adds a whole bunch of interesting costumes, including vintage game sprites from other popular Nintendo franchise like The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo says this game is more about small community sharing, so there’s no online sharing, but you can swap courses via local wireless network connections, and StreetPass.