Acer has started shipping its StarVR headsets for use at the first IMAX VR center

StarVR made a small splash at last year’s E3 when it demoed its new high-end headset. Just ahead of this year’s gaming show, the company announced that it would be joining forces with Acer to collaborate on the designing and manufacturing of the amusement park-ready hardware.

Today at IFA, the companies announced that the first devices have begun shipping –specifically to IMAX, which plans to utilize them for its upcoming Los Angeles-based IMAX VR Center. This initial shipment is the first phase of a larger planned roll out announced by the companies earlier this year.

Mass production of the ultra-wide angle viewing headsets is set to begin in full force in 2017. The StarVR headset features a 5,120 x 1,440 resolution (compare to the Rift and Vive’s 2,160 x 1,200), with a 210-degree field of view, versus those headsets’ 110.


The Los Angeles location is the first of several VR Centers from IMAX. The company currently has a half-dozen international locations in the works, with plans to expand into China as well.