Sonos partners with Amazon, Spotify for enhanced music control

Wireless speaker system maker Sonos announced two software partnerships today with Spotify and Amazon. The Spotify integration allows users to control their Sonos speakers via the Spotify app, essentially turning each Sonos speaker – or all of them – into a Spotify Connect system.

The Sonos/Amazon partnership is a bit more interesting. Your Sonos speakers will be able to work with Alexa and you will be able to request songs and modify the audio with just your voice. Given that Sonos doesn’t have an Alexa-capable microphone built in, you can only talk to your speakers through Amazon products.

The commands include things like “Alexa, play me music,” “Alexa, skip,” and “Alexa, what’s playing.” This deep integration means that you don’t have to “tell” the Sonos system anything – just Alexa. It’s a minor but interesting feature.

The Spotify features will be released in October while the Amazon integration is coming in 2017.