PlayStation Now streaming service available today on Windows PCs

You don’t need a PlayStation to play PlayStation games anymore: Sony’s Playstation Now subscription-based game streaming service is now out for PC, and you an grab the app and start playing some of PlayStation’s best legacy titles immediately if you’ve got a Windows machine.

It’ll cost you, of course – but not as much as you would’ve paid for the games available individually. A 12-month subscription to PlayStation Now will run you $99.99 as part of a limited-time promotion to celebrate the PC launch. Normally, a PS Now subscription will run you more than double that.

What does PlayStation Now actually provide? Access to a library of over 50 ‘Greatest Hits’ games, which include popular titles like Mafia II, Tom Raider: GOTY edition, Borderlands and Heavy Rain. There’s also over 100 console exclusives available to PC users for the first time, and a total library north of 400 games. If you’re new to gaming and want a crash course in some modern classics, or if you’re looking to play some AAA gems you may have missed the first time around (we all only have so much time to devote to gaming, after all), Sony’s service might be for you. Especially now that you don’t even need its PlayStation hardware to take advantage.

Sony’s also still going to deliver on DualShock 4 wireless gameplay for PCs and Macs, with a USB adapter set to go on sale September 6.