T-Mobile tweaks their One unlimited plans but they still might confuse you

Recently, T-Mobile came under fire for its new One plan. For those of you unaware, T-Mobile’s original One plan gave you unlimited on-device data, but only 480p resolution was covered for video. On top of that, mobile hotspot features would cost you considerably more. Being somewhat committed towards hearing customer complaints, T-Mobile revised the plan(s) today to reflect that.

The new One plan still has a base monthly price of $70 (per line) and now includes 512Kbps unlimited hotspot data instead of 128Kbps — still not useful for anything more than checking email. Now, to address low-resolution video, T-Mobile will start offering HD passes in October, at $3 per day. You can tell how this is a farce at offering “unlimited” data, but still restricting what can be accessed using said data.

Don’t fret! T-Mobile knows that no one like 480p video anymore, so they’re going to offer you another option: the One Plus plan. It’s $25 extra (so $95 monthly, per line) and includes the unlimited data, HD day passes (which you need to turn on yourself, interestingly), LTE hotspot and twice-as-fast data roaming (that last feature is subjective to area, of course).

Both of these new “unlimited” plans will launch on September 1st. Keep in mind there’s still the possibility of getting throttled past the 26GB mark on the One Plus plan.

In essence, T-Mobile is getting its customers to become philosophers and ask if the plans they pay for are actually “unlimited”, despite still having clear limits.