In Utero 3D lets you touch your baby before it’s born

A Polish company, In Utero 3D, is doing something really sweet. They’re printing 3D models of babies in the womb so blind mothers can feel their children before they’re born and experience the same joy sighted mothers have when viewing ultrasounds.

Their project, called Waiting Without Barriers, is based in northern Poland but is available in Europe. For 1PLN or 1 Euro they will print a small bas relief of the baby for eligible mothers. They use standard 3D printers and do not “idealize” the photo, offering exactly the same experience most mothers have when seeing their little one for the first time.

This is obviously not the first time this has been done – a few companies already do it – but Waiting Without Barriers has a wonderful mission and it’s a great idea. The quality, too, looks excellent even for an FDM print.

3D printing popularity has fallen off a cliff of late but I still think it’s one of the coolest and most promising technologies of the 21st century. While we can’t yet download and print a fork or a car, it’s nice to know we can see and feel our little ones in perfect detail with just a little plastic and a digital file.

via 3DPrintingIndustry