Tekserve is auctioning off its massive Mac museum

Before there were Apple Stores in Williamsburg, Grand Central Station and the World Trade Center – heck, before there were Apple Stores at all – there was Tekserve. For nearly 30 years, the Mac specialist dutifully served Manhattan, before throwing in the towel earlier this week.

Now Tekserve is cleaning shop. After closing its doors on the 15th, the iconic computer retailer is selling off some of its most prized possessions, including a veritable computer history museum of largely Mac computers. The formerly in-store exhibit includes 35 pieces, featuring some real treasures like NeXTcube (from Steve Jobs’ post-, pre-Apple company), a 20th Anniversary Mac and a classic Macintosh 128K signed by Steve Wozniak:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.35.03 PM

According to its auctioneers, “It was assembled carefully and documented by Tekserve co-founder Dick Demenus and his colleagues over a period of years. This curated collection consciously omits variants. Each item represents a landmark in the evolution of the Mac for both technology and aesthetics.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.35.42 PM

The collection started with an $8,000 bid and is now hovering at around $30k. The store is also auctioning off some other cool swag, including, perhaps most notably, a Blade Runner poster signed by the cast and Ridley Scott as we lament the loss of an icon like tears in rain.

via Gizmodo