Gurbaksh Chahal sentenced to a year in jail

A San Francisco judge has sentenced former RadiumOne and Gravity4 CEO Gurbaksh Chahal to 12 months in county jail.

However, the judge also granted a stay on the sentence pending an appeal from Chahal’s lawyer, according to Bloomberg’s Ellen Huet.

After being accused of attacking a woman in his apartment, Chahal pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery charges — a deal that involved three years of probation but no jail time. However, Chahal has since been accused of attacking another woman in September 2014, and Judge Tracie Brown recently ruled that there was enough evidence in the case to revoke Chahal’s probation.

The initial guilty plea resulted in intense public criticism of adtech company RadiumOne, which then pushed Chahal out of his role as CEO.

He started a new company, Gravity4, where he was recently replaced as CEO by his sister, Kamal Kaur.