Watch Luke Cage reluctantly become a hero in new Netflix trailer

There is little in the world of video content as purely enjoyable to me as the work Marvel is doing with Netflix in their original shows. That’s why the above trailer for Luke Cage is so incredibly exciting. Marvel already had me hooked on this show when it showed us a teaser at San Diego Comic Con this year (also embedded below), but the trailer above adds some more meat to the show’s bones in terms of tone and plot.

Cage occupied the same moody, gritty, noir New York that fellow Netflix Marvellians Daredevil and Jessica Jones call home, and the three plus Iron Fist will eventually all share the same screen in a Defenders mini-series. Luke Cage, if you’re not familiar, first appeared in Jessica Jones, where we learned of the tragic death of his wife, as well as his ability to basically not be damaged by any kind of physical attack (something he’s not generally too fond of letting people know about).

Played by The Good Wife alum Mike Colter, Luke Cage’s appearances in Jessica Jones always indicated the standalone series would continue the successes of both Jones and Daredevil before it, but these trailers have me wondering whether it won’t be the best of the bunch. We’ll find out for sure when the full series arrives on Netflix on September 30.