There’s caffeinated Soylent now

It’s called Coffiest. Because, well, it’s more coffee than coffee, I guess. It’s the latest offering from our meal replacing, shipper container living friends at Soylent. It’s got all of the soy and algal oil-based nutrient delivery one has come to expect from the company’s liquid offerings, with a key new addition.

Coffiest is designed for the Soylent devotee looking for an extra kick in the morning, featuring coffee flavoring courtesy of honest to goodness light roast coffee, which the company says adds “a hint of chocolate” to the proceedings, which, in my limited Soylent experience (I’ve made it through about a bottle and half, personally), sounds like a step in the right direction.

In fact, in my own Soylent experimentation, I tried mixing the stuff with coffee — and the results weren’t terrible. It’s a bit like an oil-based non-dairy creamer.

More importantly, the added java brings a caffeine kick to the beverage, with each bottle containing the equivalent of a 16-ounce cup of coffee. The amino acid l-theanine is also in the mix, and it’s said to help reduce caffeine-induced jitters. Each bottle contains 400 calories, around 20-percent of the recommended daily nutritional requirements and no animal products or byproducts. Twelve bottles run $37 a month. It’s available now through Soylent’s site.

Also, in a bit of a pivot, the company will also be offering up its nutritional delivery service in solid form through the newly announced Soylent Bar, which is still forthcoming, running an estimated $2 a bar.