Twilio beats expectations with revenue of $64.5M in solid Q2 earnings

Twilio, exceeded revenue expectations in Q2 earnings released today after the bell. Immediately share prices increased in after-hours trading before falling back to the market closing price.

The cloud-communications company reported revenue of $64.5 million and a loss per share of $0.08. Twilio beat revenue by over 10 percent. Analysts had expected a loss of $0.14 per share on revenue of $58.22 million.

Twilio stock was priced at $15 back in June for its IPO. Over the last two months, the company’s shareholders have been treated to a financial all-you-can-eat buffet with shares closing at $42.63 today.

In addition to a beat on revenue, Twilio also announced that it has 30,780 active customer accounts as of June 30, 2016, compared to 21,226 active customer accounts the same time last year.

Twilio issued guidance expectations of between $63 and $65 million Q3 revenue with an accompanying EPS of between $0.09 and $0.10. Yearly guidance signals full 2016 revenue of between $253 and $257 million.

Also in the report, the company touted its new relationship with Facebook offering Messenger platform integration along with an Amazon partnership to deliver SMS messages for AWS’s Simple Notification Service.

Despite pushing its share-price up 184 percent, investors have expressed concerns over revenue concentration. A significant portion of Twilio’s revenue stream lies in the hands of a small number of customers. Moreover, many of the largest customers feeding Twilio have not signed long-term contracts with the company.

To address this, Twilio separated its earnings report into two sections, base revenue and total revenue. Variable accounts are “more likely to have significant fluctuations in usage…from period to period,” according to the company. Twilio services nine variable accounts representing 13 percent of total revenue. WhatsApp accounts for a significant portion of that.

CEO Jeff Lawson stressed that investors can count on growth but shouldn’t expect it to occur linearly, on today’s earnings call.

This quarter, Twilio rolled out add-ons in a marketplace to make it easier for developers to integrate technologies provided by groups like IBM Watson and Wolfram Alpha. Twilio’s Notify and Sync APIs, enable notifications across SMS and better synchronization of mobile and web apps respectively.

New services can only help to grow the Twilio developer community but monetization efforts will be key into Q3 and beyond. A large community makes the process easier, but ultimately contracts and predictable “base” revenue streams are what drive growth and reduce potential investor anxiety and stock volatility.