Google is stepping up its game for the Rio Olympics

Hard to believe, but the Olympics are less than a week away, and all of that training you’ve been doing, sitting on the couch watching various sporting events, is finally about to pay off. And Google would like to help facilitate the realization of those long standing goals.

Like pretty much every other company in the world, the search giant is working an angle for the Rio events. Google will be utilizing a good number of its alphabetic offerings to make watching the many events that much easier, starting with search, which now includes info on individual athletes, sports, medals and a by-country schedule in results. The mobile version also offers auto updates on the things users are looking for.

YouTube, naturally, is getting into the swing of it, as well. The video site is sending 15 of its broadcasters to cover the event, as well as partnering with broadcasters from 60 countries to bring highlights to the service. That list includes America Movil and NHK, who will be offering up content through Google search, as well. And, of course, there will be be some Rio-centric highlights, courtesy of Google Maps.