Genovation’s GXE breaks the land speed record for a street-legal all-electric car


You probably aren’t trying to set a land speed record for an all-electric, street legal car, but if you are, I have bad news: The goalposts just got moved further out. Genovation‘s Extreme Electric (GXE) car, which uses a Corvette Z06 chassis with a custom electric drive under the hood, broke its previous record of 186.8 mph by a margin of nearly 20 mph. The new record now stands at 205.6 mph.

That’s fast. How fast? Well, not quite as fast as the fastest gas-guzzling legal production vehicle, which is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport which maxed out at 258 mph. But the GX’s record-breaking run at Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility is an important milestone for something that employs entirely electric power.

The GXE isn’t exactly a mass-market vehicle, of course. Even though it can technically drive on the streets, you’ll need at least $300,000 to pick one up. But the performance overall might surprise you – I was expecting little to no range, but the vehicle’s 44-kWh battery will provide around 120 miles of range, provided you’re driving normally and aren’t, say, trying to break a land-speed record.