Cronycle raises $2.6m for its ‘news-meets-collaboration’ platform

You’re an analyst or business person who needs to constantly monitor important topics relevant to your sector and constantly switching between multiple apps, news sources, social media and platforms to do that. It’s pretty daunting and time-consuming. You also need to collaborate with a team on all that incoming information. Do you cut and paste into Slack or something? It’s pretty inefficient.

UK-based Cronycle is a startup which enables users to filter through articles on Twitter and RSS feeds to find the content that interests them most and curate it onto a single platform. Plenty of other startups have tried this and in the consumer space we have Flipboard, Feedly, Tweetdeck, Zyte, Evernote and in collaboration, plenty. So think of this as a kind of ‘news meets Slack’ perhaps.

The startup has now raised $2.6 million in Series A funding from Andurance Ventures to create that enterprise platform many teams want. It previously raised $2.5 Million in a seed round. It is also announcing the launch of its iOS and Android app.

Cronycle is attempting to bring back the days of mind mapping and brainstorming. Teams can add articles, annotate, and highlight specific information within these articles on the boards without having to leave the platform. Currently it uses a ‘freemium’ model. More than two users adds a cost.