Moovit helps you catch ’em all in Pokemon Go

Moovit wants to help you catch ’em all and catch the bus at the same time. It’s integrated with Pokemon Go to make it faster to catch a Grimer. (For the uninitiated, that’s a Pokemon creature, not a subway train.)

If you’ve got the Moovit app or want to download it for iOS or Android, you can type in “PokeStops” in the app’s Trip Planner. This will bring up directions to local Pokemon Go PokeStops if you need more eggs or potions and to PokeGyms if you’ve got some evolved Pokemon itching for a fight.

Maybe most importantly, you can run Pokemon Go and Moovit (which sounds like a bovine Pokemon, come to think of it) at the same time. This is a rarity for Pokemon Go. While the game is up and running, you can at the same time use the Live Directions feature, which will alert you that you’re approaching your stop. Your actual stop, like where you get off the bus to go to work, not a PokeStop.

It’s been a busy year for Moovit, the transit app that helps users coordinate trips across modes of transportation. First, the company expanded its accessibility features for blind users. Then it integrated with Uber, closing that tricky¬†“last mile” between public transportation stops and where you actually live.

Given all the concern for safety and situational awareness while playing Pokemon Go, maybe players would be better off taking transit and hailing a ride home instead of running into traffic on the trail of an elusive Pikachu.