PointerPointer points to your pointer

Hello and welcome to the Internet. Those metal doors to your left and right are where they keep all the serious stuff like Amazon.com and Pinterest but right over here I think you will be delighted to find PointerPointer, a website that shows pictures of people pointing to your pointer.

Created by Studio Moniker in Amsterdam the site offers no redeeming value except for a bit of pure comedic relief. The project is described as an experiment in pointer retrieval and it’s not quite as smart as it looks. I suspect there might be a titch of movie magic involved because the same photo appears multiple times and the pointer sometimes moves in order to make the picture better. But still, pretty funny stuff, right?

Other Moniker projects include an anti-selfie system that blocks out your face in selfies and a fascinating project commemorating a mass murder in Amsterdam in 1945.

Thank you for visiting the Internet and we hope to see you back soon! Remember to stop by the gift shop on the way out.