Ayesha Curry launches a new food-delivery startup

Want to eat like Steph Curry? Now you can.

Ayesha Curry, the wife of NBA all-star Stephen Curry, has a new food delivery startup. The company is called Gather, and will deliver ingredients and recipes directly to your door on a weekly basis.

For now, the site is just a landing page (and clever gamified referral leaderboard), but promises delivery of seasonal ingredients and recipes created by Ayesha Curry herself. The recipes will be inspired by meals she cooks for her family, including home-cooked baby food.

It’s not yet clear if the startup will serve customers nationwide or just in San Francisco to start. While incumbents like Plated and Blue Apron deliver nationwide, they benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars in fundraising and expensive fulfillment centers across the U.S.

While Gather hasn’t announced its cost structure, competitors in the space typically charge between $9 – $12 per meal – a low cost that the big companies achieve by using economies of scale to order ingredients in bulk.

And cost aside, the ingredient and recipe delivery model isn’t exactly new – but Ayesha’s celebrity status may help Gather stand out from its competitors.

This definitely isn’t Ayesha’s first foray into cooking. Earlier this month, the chef teamed up with celebrity chef Michael Mina to open a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco. She also has a cookbook and a YouTube channel with cooking demos. And while Gather hasn’t said what types of recipes will be delivered, Ayesha said her heritage includes Jamaican, Chinese, Polish and African-American – all backgrounds that contribute to her diverse cooking style.

Gather hasn’t launched yet, but you can sign up for its waiting list here.

Oh, and if her new startup doesn’t work out, Ayesha can always go back to making music videos in the kitchen with Steph.