Branding Brand acquires conversational commerce company WaySay

E-commerce giant Branding Brand announced today that it acquired Waysay, a company specializing in customer engagement tech like marketing automation, in-app messaging and other technologies to help big brands engage and communicate with its customers. Examples of the assistance include offering shopping advice and post-transaction support.

You may never have heard of Branding Brand; but chances are good you’ve used one of its products. The company is usually behind the scenes, in the shadows, powering the mobile platforms for more than 200 bigger brands, including The Golf Warehouse, RadioShack, Chubbies and many others.

The Waysay deal is Branding Brand’s first ever acquisition. It helps extend the company’s breadth of coverage and services it is able to offer to its rapidly growing list of customers.

“We have a deep partnership with Branding Brand and are looking forward to this next step in evolving our relationship,” said Matt Compton, Co-founder of Waysay. “We anticipate many opportunities for new innovations to emerge from joining teams.”
The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed.