Hey, I’m John, a new summer writing intern at TechCrunch

Hi, I’m John and I am super pumped to be TechCrunch’s new summer writing intern. As a venture-capital-obsessed Michigan Wolverine, I’m thrilled to be thawing out in the startup mecca of SOMA, San Francisco.

I hail from Montgomery County, Maryland, where my belief in youth rights and public education brought me on the Montgomery County Board of Education (shout-out to fellow SMOB alums turned technologists: Shervin Pishevar and Tim Hwang!)   

My first tech gig was consulting my elementary school teachers on how to play Bill Nye VHS tapes. I dropped my first seed investment (undisclosed) on a group of ambitious middle schoolers disrupting global lemonade-stand sales.

One day I will uncover how humans work, how to manage my tabs and how to keep espresso from foaming over when mixing it with sparkling water.

I enjoy stress-testing technology to its limits (RIP MacBook Pro 2007), creative cooking with rare botanicals and spontaneous adventures — like spur-of-the-moment mountain climbing and late-night forest exploration.

Please email me at john.mannes@beta.techcrunch.com if you would like to chat or grab coffee. You can also tweet at me @JohnMannes and check out my blog.