Visa made an NFC mobile payment ring for Olympic athletes in Rio

This is probably pretty far down everyone’s list of necessary Olympic athletic equipment to pack for the 2016 Rio games, but Visa’s gonna be Visa, because it’s everywhere you want to be and life takes Visa, etc.

The credit card giant is offering up a new NFC-enabled payment ring to Team Visa athletes, no doubt inspired by the fact that those super aerodynamic track and field uniforms don’t really offer much in the way of pocket room.

The ring is battery and also water-resistant, meaning, you guessed it, “Team Visa athlete and Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin can go from the pool to payment all with the tap of her ring.” We probably won’t be seeing any athletes actually wearing the thing in the water, but it’s nice to know that tired Olympians can run to the Starbucks and fuel up without even having to towel off.

To help with the mobile payment scheme, Visa will also be deploying 4,000 NFC-capable POS terminals around Olympic venues. The summer games kick off on August 5th.