Magic Leap is giving 10 Twilio devs early access to its SDK

By now, we’ve all heard about Magic Leap and its mysterious, cinematic, mixed-reality concepts that have companies like Google investing hundreds of millions of dollars into its activities and development.

Today Magic Leap founder/CEO Rony Abovitz made an announcement—strangely via remote robotic video feed at Twilio’s SIGNAL developer conference. The secretive company is planning to integrate Twilio’s tools and services into the Magic Leap SDK. Also, Magic Leap is selecting 10 Twilio developers to get early access to the tools. The first of those 10 will be the winner from Twilio’s $BASH competition.


Little is known about the mechanism that allows their immersive mixed-reality experiences to come to life for users. I’ve read everything from the MIT Technology Review piece (that describes a rice-sized projector that sends holographic imagery into your eyes) to Kevin Kelly’s recent cover story about the company for Wired. Whatever “magic” it involves, it must be good because it seems that everyone who tries it ends up dumping more money or time into it.

The company put a few more teaser shots on the screen at the conference idealizing its plans for enabling remote presence and remote collaboration.