launches app to make event management less horrible

There’s no shortage of apps if you’re trying to find an event to go to, but now it’s the other side’s turn. Those of us who’ve found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being in charge of an event will welcome‘s new Event Assistant app with open arms. Launching today, it is designed to help organizers of events big and small keep some semblance of sanity as the crazy world of event management rages around them.

It's simple, but simple is reliable when you have a queue of eager fans waiting.

It’s simple, but simple is the best policy when you have a queue of eager fans waiting.

For something that sounds as un-sexy as event management, the team has done a cracking job at making it as easy as possible, cramming a ton of clever features into the app; it offers event check-in with voice recognition, keeps the check-ins synced across devices to ensure guests can only use each ticket once and real-time synchronization for new and cancelled registrations.

The app also tackles a couple of less obvious challenges with event registrations, such as e-signing of waivers such as legal disclaimers, film / photography releases and terms and conditions. The app also packs in an offline mode, so your event doesn’t come crashing down to a smoldering pile of disappointment if the Wi-Fi network takes a stage-dive into the concrete floor and sinks into unconsciousness for a few minutes.

“The Event Assistant App is the perfect partner to the online event management platform. The app provides organizers and volunteers with the tools to effortlessly keep lines moving on event day,” said Tressa Schultze, Product Manager at

The app is only available for Android for now, citing the availability of affordable Android devices and an advantage in speed-to-market. The company didn’t rule out an iOS version in the future, but doesn’t appear to be making it a priority for now.