Xiaomi shows off a 4K Android TV set-top box at I/O

Like a number of other bits and bobs announced at Google I/O thus far, there are still some important questions left unanswered about the Mi Box — but here’s what we do know about Xiaomi’s forthcoming set-top box.

It’s sleek, it’s small and it’s apparently won the Chinese phone maker a couple of design awards already. The Mi Box is powered by Android TV 6.0, is capable of beaming 4K video at 60 FPS and supports Dolby Digital Plus audio playback.

Xiaomi Mi Box

It does HDMI 2.0a and features a quad-core ARM processor, Mali 450 GPU and has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, which is expandable via USB. Oh, and there’s a Bluetooth remote, as well. That peripheral supports voice control, so users can search for content, ask contextual questions (actors’ names, etc.) and launch apps using their voice. The controller also doubles as a gaming controller for Android TV-compatible games.

The company will also be offering a separate Mi Game Controller, which is compatible with the set-top box and other Android devices. Availability details for both products are still forthcoming, though the company noted that the product is “coming soon” in a press release issued today. A Xiaomi spokesperson added that the company is “working closely with Google” on the U.S. launch.

More details are also likely to be made available this week during I/O.

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