For Tattoo obsessives, Tattoodo adds an app to its arsenal

Tattoo culture has pretty much gone mainstream. Tattooing is the sixth fastest growing market in the retail industry with about 30% of Americans getting them now. Thus Tattoodo started out as a “digital lifestyle hub for all things tattoo-related,” with content, community and a marketplace. Think Pinterest for Tattoos, almost.

Back in February we reported that the Copenhagen-based startup had raised $2.5 million from a number of high-profile investors including AOL’s Jimmy Maymann (President of AOL Content and Consumer Brands), Tom Ryan (CEO, Pluto TV), Jake Nickell (CEO, Threadless), Rene Rechtman (International President, Maker Studios) and some other executives. I wonder what Jimmy has…

It’s now adding an app to its arsenal, on iOS and Android, which carries thousands of galleries, user profiles and other things to attract tattoo collectors and artists. It features Tattoo celebrities like Mike Rubendall, Megan Massacre and Henning Jørgensen; new designs, fashion styles, and artists. Basically if you are in to tattoos, this app has you covered… badum-tish.

Entrepreneurs Johan Plenge and Mik Thobo-Carlsen launched Tattoodo in Copenhagen in 2013 and were later joined by world-famous tattoo artist Ami James.