INNOVATE2016: Why the internet has failed and how to fix it

There are few more politically impassioned venture capitalists than Albert Wenger, a partner at Union Square Ventures.

Wenger’s vision of a better tech future is laid out in the rough draft of a book which also lays out his critique of our current digital predicament.

What’s happened, Wenger insists, is that power now resides with massive centralizing corporations like Google and Facebook and thus the Internet no longer reflects the interests of its users.

The digital revolution has, he says, pretty much failed. But not all is lost.

Wenger has a three part solution to fix the future based on economic freedom, informational freedom, and — all of which rests of putting power back into the hands of users.

Wenger’s voice is incredibly important. Unlike so many Silicon Valley based VCs, he’s not just in the tech investment game for the money. But he’s no venture socialist either and his vision of a radically reinvented and democratized Internet is firmly rooted in the free market.

As always, many thanks to CALinnovates for their support in producing this interview.