Hear AI play Beethoven like The Beatles

Here’s what it sounds like when artificial intelligence learns to play “Ode To Joy” in the style of EDM, Brazilian guitar, and The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”:

The Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris was challenged to re-orchestrate the theme song of the European Union. Using  the max entropy approach of machine learning, they taught a computer how to recognize the core features of different types of music. The team then tasked the AI with playing the pattern of Beethoven’s classical classic “Ode To Joy” but with the characteristics of more modern genres. [Correction: Beethoven, not Bach]

You can watch the lead scientist break down how they did it here:

Sony’s CSL believes their program could be a stepping stone to making AI that can compose original melodies we find catchy and memorable. If you think the radio sounds like music made by computers, just wait a few years for cyBerthoven.