Fitbit scores win against Jawbone in trade dispute

Chalk one up in Fitbit’s column. An International Trade Commission judge ruled in Fitbit’s favor on a series of patent disputes brought forth by Jawbone. This ruling seems to make it less likely that Fitbit would face an import ban of its wearable fitness trackers.

In this case ITC Judge Dee Lord invalidated the last of Jawbone’s patents the two companies are fighting over. A previous ruling invalidated another set of patents. Yet the judge is allowing Jawbone to pursue claims Fitbit stole trade secrets.

Bloomberg reports that Jawbone intends to appeal the recent ruling.

Fitbit and Jawbone have been going at in the court system for some time. Along with patent cases, Jawbone has accused Fitbit of anticompetitive conduct including luring employees who then brought key data with them to Fitbit. Likewise, Fitbit has filed patent-infringement actions against Jawbone.

The next case in this tangled mess is scheduled for May 9 in Washington. Get some popcorn. It should be good.