Acer shows off a rugged new Chromebook for work and a whole bunch of new notebooks

Acer hit the stage a small event in the shadow of Manhattan’s One World Trade to show off some notebooks, notebooks and also some notebooks. Oh, and one more thing: notebooks, notebooks, and notebooks (also there were some notebooks).

The star notebook amongst the notebooky notebooks is the company’s latest take on the Chromebook — the straightforwardly-named Chromebook 14 for Work.

The ruggedized device features a spill-resistant keyboard and a Gorilla Glass case that the company has signed off on to be dropped up to 48 inches (a Military Standard I, as a seasoned computer dropped) will happy take for a spin when the opportunity presents itself). Inside is a battery rated at 12 hours of life and an Intel Core i processor.


Also worth mentioning here is the Switch Alpha 12, a 12-inch two-in-one kickstand-sporting notebook with a detachable keyboard that features a fan-free liquid cooling system for its sixth-gen Intel Core i processor. Predator G1, meanwhile, is a portable (by LAN party standards, at least) gaming laptop with a three-fan cooling system built in.

Acer S 13

Considerably more portable is the 3.13-pound S 13, an ultrathin notebook with a touch-optional 13-inch HD display and a battery promising 13 hours by the company’s count. The laptop is clearly designed focused, with a partially aluminum body the company winkingly noted was created to compete with “another company with an ‘A’ name. With a starting price of $699, the device is certainly competitive from an economic standpoint, at the very least. 

Stay tuned for some hands-on impressions with the above systems.