The Lian-Li DK-04 is a big PC case and a motorized standing desk all-in-one

What if I told you that you can strengthen your own core while liquid cooling your PCs? That’s the dream, right? Better still, you can accomplish all of that in a single product — which is precisely the sort of innovation one has come to expect from a computer accessory manufacturer that recently announced a case that looks like a luxury yacht.

The DK-04 is a great big thing as far as computer cases go — though it’s pretty reasonable by desk standards, with a 47.2 by 29.5-inch surface area. That kind of space allows for a lot of components under the hood, including up to 10 hard drives. With that kind of hardware, you’re going to need some serious cooling, and the DK-04 has fans galore, which can be augmented with a liquid cooling kit.

The desktop surface is made of tempered glass, so you can behold your computer’s guts while working, lifting up for easy access under the hood. Up front are four USB 3.0 ports, a disc drive bay and a dimmer for the optional LED lighting. There’s also a control panel on the left side that electronically adjusts the desk’s height up to 3.8 feet, so users can tower above their weak-willed seated co-workers.

The DK-04 is set for sale on May 10 for $1,500. That price doesn’t include the computer components though, without which it’s really just a big, hollow standing desk.

via Engadget