Apple has made Siri a baseball trivia guru

Just in time for the start of baseball season, Apple has beefed up Siri’s knowledge of baseball stats, scores, and trivia.

Siri can now do things like tell you Babe Ruth’s career batting average, the lineup of the 2008 World Series-winning Phillies, or even who won the World Series in 1934.

Siri has also learned how to do league-level queries from 29 different baseball leagues, ranging from the Cape Cod League to Nippon Pro Baseball. While Siri won’t support player-specific data from these leagues, she will return scores from all of them.

While not necessarily an essential update, these new features are a fun way to get celebrate the return of baseball. Plus, they show off some of Siri’s more advanced natural language processing features.

A phrases like “how many home runs did Babe Ruth have during his career” is probably something that would have previously returned Siri’s dreaded “here’s what I found on the web”. But, now the phrase returns an actual (and accurate) result, making Siri more human-like than ever.

The features are live now, so grab your iPhone and see if you can stump Siri.

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