Cast is a full-service podcasting studio that lives in your browser

Traditionally, the largest barrier to podcasting has been the complexity of steps and multitude of programs it takes to go from recording to editing to publishing.

Cast is simplifying this process with its web-based podcasting platform that lets you record, edit, and publish all without leaving your browser.

Cast Studio, the recording portion of the site, captures hi-fi audio from the user and up to three guests. To invite a “guest” to your podcast, you just share a unique URL which will capture their audio and automatically add it to the podcast.

When your recording session is done you can switch to the editor, which lets you edit audio files directly in the browser. Users can adjust audio levels, cut out segments, or drop in background audio.

Since all editing is done in the cloud, the processing is done on computers that are much faster than whatever machine the user is on.

While the immediate benefit of cloud-based editing is faster audio processing, the team says they are “looking at a bunch of ways [to] take advantage of all that horsepower to do some things that simply aren’t possible when you’re mixing your podcast on your computer at home.”

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After editing, Cast will let you host your finished audio files and create and host RSS feeds on their platform. The entire process is so simple that you could technically go from start to finish – recording, editing, and processing – in under 60 seconds.

Cast was built by Julian Lepinski, who was one of the founding developers of Pano, the award-winning panoramic photo app that has sold almost a million copies between iOS and Android.

The service, which has been self-funded by Lepinski, charges $10 per month for 10 hours of recording time per month, and $30 for 100 hours of recording time per month. Both plans offer unlimited editing, mixing, and podcast hosting.