InVision acquires Silver Flows, a tool for prototyping inside Sketch

Prototyping suite InVision just announced they are acquiring Silver Flows, a tool that lets developers prototype directly inside Sketch. The acquisition comes just a few months after InVision acquired the code-based design tool Macaw, and is the company’s fourth acquisition to date.

Silver Flows, which is currently in private beta, removes the hassle of designing in Sketch then prototyping inside a separate tool. Before Silver Flows designers would have to make graphics in Sketch then manually move them into a different prototyping app.

As a result of the acquisition, the tool will soon be incorporated into Craft, which is InVision’s suite of design plugins.

Once incorporated into Craft, designers will be able to leverage InVision’s cloud based feedback tools while working inside Sketch. In other words, all prototypes and design changes will automatically sync with shareable InVision files, and vice versa (all changes in InVision will sync to Sketch files). 

By expanding their brand into Sketch and acquiring yet another popular design tool, InVision is making it clear that they hope to eventually own the entire design and prototyping workflow, essentially becoming a one stop shop for web and app designers.