Separating fact from fiction at Disrupt, with Josh Kopelman, Andy Weissman, and Chris Douvos

When a market turns, everyone get socked to a certain degree.

At our upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt conference, we’ll be sitting down with three pros on the front lines of a suddenly slowing tech economy to find out how they’re dealing with such circumstances — and, in some cases, taking advantage of them.

In the one corner, expect to hear from Chris Douvos, a limited partner with Venture Investment Associates who wants to see more “moolah in the coolah,” as does every institutional investor who commits money to venture firms.

Though Douvos is a proud stakeholder in such firms as True Ventures, Data Collective, and First Round Capital, he says LPs are getting hit up for fresh funding from VCs at the very worst time. “We have a down-trending public market at the same time that [our] private investments are really inflated [and not exiting], so LPs are getting doubly crushed.”

In the other corner — or, more aptly, seated beside Douvos — both First Round Capital founder Josh Kopelman and Union Square Ventures partner Andy Weissman will be joining us to talk where the fast-shifting marketplace leaves them. (Hint: It’s between pleasing LPs like Douvos and helping startups that need more money and may have a harder time securing it right now. We believe this is known as “a rock” and “a hard place.”)

Do you have questions about valuations, new funds, raising money, and making money last longer? Want to hear about the often close but sometimes precarious relationships between LPs, VCs, and venture-backed startups?

We do, too. Join us for what’s sure to be a rollicking discussion that covers it all, at Disrupt in New York, May 9 through May 11.