Chase down those ZZZ’s with new Sleepfulness app

If you’ve ever looked at meditation and thought “that stuff just sends me to sleep,” you may just be onto something. Mindfulness Everywhere, better known for its successful mindfulness and meditation app buddhify, recently released Sleepfulness. The new app helps you pull the plug on yet another long and horrific day, and dispatches you off to slumberland.

“A good night’s sleep means you have a gentler, brighter, and more focused day,” says Rohan Gunatillake, the executive producer of the app. “Sleepfulness brings the tried and tested techniques of mindfulness to this important aspect of our lives.”

Sleepfulness photograph man nighttime outdoors Samsung Galaxy

As you might expect from an app that’s all about peacefulness and calm, the design is very well thought out, and — dare we say it — zen through and through.

The app itself is free, and comes with 10 tracks. If you want more, you’ll have to cough up some cash to access a wider toolkit of torpidity. Additional content packs cost $2.99 each, and include a choice of a “relieving stress” pack, a “softening anxiety” pack and a “working with pain” pack. Stress, anxiety and pain? Sounds like it’s the perfect companion if you’re in the process of building a startup.

In addition to helping you sleep, the app is designed to help explore mindfulness, and it builds up analytics to help discover why Mr. Sandman keeps skipping your apartment in the evenings.

The apps are available now for both Android and iOS.