This Kickstarter project promises the impossible: A cable that works with both Lightning and microUSB ports

The claim is audacious: A cable that works as a Lightning and microUSB cable. Ludicrous, right? Well, if this Kickstarter project is to be believed, that’s exactly what the LMcable can do.

The cable sports a special end that works in both ports. One side of the male connector has the goods to charge Apple devices and the other side is a microUSB connector. Just plug the cable into the device with the correct side. The Kickstarter project page notes that this cable only supports charging and cannot transfer data from, say, a computer.

The creators went to Kickstarter looking for just $3,582, but as of this post’s writing, the project has collected over $30,000. Shipping is said to start in a few months, but as with all Kickstarter projects, it’s hard to say if the creators will stick to that timeline. Pledge money at your own risk. After all, it’s just a cable.