Nanigans brings its social ad tools to Twitter

Social marketing company Nanigans announced today that it’s launching support for Twitter.

Nanigans is best known as a Facebook ad automation tool, but CEO Ric Calvillo said last year that one reason for raising the company’s $24 million Series B was to expand beyond Facebook. He’s also started to make good on that by launching on Instagram last August.

Asked about what Nanigans brings to the existing ecosystem of Twitter ad products and partners, Calvillo told me that Nanigans allows advertisers to achieve broad scale for their campaigns without sacrificing effectiveness and return on investment.

“For example, if you were a large advertiser using Twitter’s native tools or that of another vendor, the ability to surface meaningful performance metrics attached to business goals such as revenue is hard if not impossible,” he said. “We bring real-time reporting at the individual ad level which enables the advertiser to understand which audiences and which creatives are working to drive the most downstream sales. Then, we make it easy, in a couple of clicks, to set up and traffic new ads based on those learnings. ”

Some Nanigans advertisers are already onboard for the expansion into Twitter, including Core Digital Media and Dashlane. In a press release, both companies said Nanigans has allowed them to dramatically expand their Twitter ad efforts.