Admitting That Everybody’s Hacked, VCs Focus On Keeping Data Safe With enSilo Investment

Everybody’s hacked.

That’s the sad, sordid truth of today’s computing world.

Over the past few years, after pouring billions into trying to ensure that bad actors can’t get into a network, investors have decided to give up the ghost and just concentrate on making sure that threats are identified quickly and dealt with before there’s too much damage.

It’s this type of thinking that’s behind the recent additional cash infusion of $9 million into enSilo, which has raised $19 million in an ever-expanding Series A round. The new money came from Rembrandt Venture Partners and included previous investors Carmel Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners doubling down on their commitments.

The company said it would use the cash to do all the usual things a young company does when it raises money (i.e. increase its sales and marketing spending, reinvest in product development).

While others are looking at network monitoring and management, enSilo operates on the assumption that everything is compromised and focuses on making sure that whatever got in can’t manipulate existing data or take that data out of a network.

“Other vendors focus on pointing at the potential infiltrator and require OPEX-rich learning periods, complex behavioral analysis or content awareness. enSilo’s platform provides immediate and preemptive prevention against the targeted attack consequences, allowing business as usual — even if they are already inside,” said Roy Katmor, CEO of enSilo, in a statement.